OUT in Sacramento
OUT in Sacramento

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OUT in Sacramento

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

We are your authors and self-designated Sacramento Adventurers, Anthony & Matt. As Bay Area Refugees who recently moved to the area, we wanted to find a great way to document our explorations and give back to our new community, so we started this site. Our goal is to showcase the best in local events, places, entertainment, and regional destinations in the hopes to inspire you, our reader, to get out and start exploring with us!

Anthony & Matt

Our Pledge to You

"We promise to share our honest experiences as we set out to find the best places, local events, and things to do in the Sacramento area."

What you'll find here

Sacramento local
Hip and happening
Hidden gems
Day trips & destinations
Open to all
LGBTQ inclusive
Postive experiences

What you won't find

Paid advertising
Guest posts
Chain establishments
Negative reviews*

*If we didn't like it, we don't write about it


Map of Where We've Been

Upcoming Events

Suggest A New Adventure

We love to hear from our readers about places we should check out or upcoming events we should attend. Do you have a suggestion on where we should go? Use the form below to drop us a note and let us know.

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