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Memorial Butterfly Release

During this past year, we lost a few loved ones in our family, so when we saw the Snowline Hospice 2018 Butterfly Release, we thought this would be a wonderful way to remember them and honor their spirit.

To participate we contributed $5.00 in advance for each butterfly to be released and the names of those we wanted to remember were added to the tributes list printed on the event’s program.

On the morning of the event, we gathered at the Capitol Park World Peace Garden, which was in full spring bloom and fragrant with the smell of roses. It was beautiful to have time to walk the garden and reflect in the wide array of roses and plaques with poems dedicated to peace.

After some reflection in the garden, we gathered our boxed-butterflies from the organizers and joined many others around the center fountain as the names of those that were being honored were read. Many participants, moved by hearing the name of their loved one, released their butterfly just as the name was being read.

Encased in their tiny paper cage the butterflies grew anxious during the reading of the names and as we opened the enclosure, the winged-beauty took a moment to gather itself on our hands before it fluttered away in the wind. No doubt it was headed to one of the roses or citrus trees on the Capitol grounds.

Seeing more than 600 butterflies fluttering around the garden after their release was magical.

What I expected to be a solemn event was much more about celebrating life and paying tribute to those we lost – a welcome surprise. While we hope that this year will bring health and happiness to our families and yours, we know that, should we lose a loved one, we can return to this remembrance event for closure and an opportunity to reflect on our own lives and the time we have to enjoy the beauty around us.

Tip: Arrive early and take a walk through the Capitol grounds, including the The California Vietnam Veterans Memorial which is directly adjacent to the International World Peace Rose Garden.

Event Organizer and Beneficiary: The Nonprofit Organization, Snowline Hospice

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