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Lowbrau is hip and happening in the heart of Lavender Heights. We came on a Saturday evening and sat outside at one of their shared tables. The crowd was mixed but mostly younger folks here with small groups. We got right to it with a liter of Hofbrau Dunkel and a whiskey flight. The vibe was really chill and we were enjoying our beer when our charcuterie board arrived. Wow, what a spread! You can see from the photos, there was lots to choose from and the accessories (honeycomb, jam, pickles, etc) were as delicious as the meat and cheese themselves. They also have an incredible selection of sausage, both in sharable board format and for-one servings - we tried the Bratwurst, Polish, Chicken Feta, Merguez, and a special alligator sausage and all were delicious. Our favorites were the Bratwurst and Chicken Feta. This is absolutely going to be a regular spot for us!

Tip: There are two sides to this place, the main beer hall and their more private butcher block area that focuses more on cocktails and whiskey.

1050 20th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Inside Lowbrau
Lowbrau Logo Outside
Matt & Anthony at Lowbrau
Lowbrau Patio
Lowbrau Meat and Cheese BoardLowbrau Liter Beers