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TFO Productions: Barbarian Blood Wrestling

"Punny," ridiculous, amusing, and hilariously trashy - our first TFO Productions event, Barbarian Blood Wrestling was insanely fun. The local indie film group was putting on the event to support pre-production of their new feature, Grunk the Smasher. Much like the movie trailer, the theme of the night was scantily clad ladies, wizards, and a barbarian host all of whom played their pseudo-scripted roles in the most sidesplittingly witty way. We initially thought that women wrestling in a fake pool of blood would cater to a particular crowd, but the ladies and the hosts really made this way more about the shtick and less about the fact that the girls were in bikinis. Add that to the PBR-fueled, ruckus crowd, always willing to jump into the scene with a good chant, cheer, boo, or hiss and it worked in a beautifully trashy kind of way.

One could say that when you arrive at a venue and the sign on the door reads, “Due to the risqué nature of this event… we ask that audience members refrain from taking photos and video,” you know its going to be good. Alas, we were able to snag a couple of photos when Anthony got into a “tussle” with one of the performers. The rest of the photos are from their official photographer. It goes without mentioning, we can’t wait for the next show.

If you want to keep up with TFO Productions or watch any of their movies or trailers, head on over to their website. You can also support their new film, Grunk the Smasher via their Indiegogo page.

Matt & Anthony at Barbarian Blood Wrestling
Anthony talking to cast member at Barbarian Blood WrestlingAnthony getting into scuffle with cast member at Barbarian Blood Wrestling

Official Photos from Skyler Casebeer:

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